COVID-19 Safety

The Dalles Farmers’ Market COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated July 22, 2020

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. Please read this safety plan in detail before shopping or vending at market. Reach out to with any questions or clarifications.

The Dalles Farmers’ Market is an essential service.

Our outdoor farmers market provides a key access point to local food for our community and relieves stress on grocery stores.  High quality, nutrient dense food is more important than ever to keep our bodies and immune systems healthy.  The short supply chain from field to market means a lot less hands are touching your food compared to that of a grocery store. Supporting small businesses, like farms, who both feed us and employ members of our community, is critical amidst our economic situation.

Governor Kate Brown has determined that farmers markets are essential services, just like grocery stores.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued guidance including social distance protocols that we are following until further notice. Be sure to follow the safety protocols stated in this document so we can operate safely and continue providing healthy food to our community.

Customer Expectations

 Expect the market to look very different.

  • Only grocery and agricultural items are allowed at this time.
  • No crafters/artists are allowed right now, but come back and support them in the future and check out their websites or Facebook pages to order directly from them.
  • The layout of our market will be very different in order to create enough space for everyone to shop safely. For example, vendors will be spaced out with at least 10’ between booths or more as space allows.
  • We have cancelled non-essential programming such as music and kids activities for the time being.

Stay home if you are sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Follow social distancing regulations:

  • Send only one member of your household to shop whenever possible. We will limit market entry to one person per household if necessary. We may need to limit the number of people in the market if necessary and may ask you to wait in your car or come back later. This is all because we must minimize the amount of bodies in the market to comply with social distancing regulations.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet between yourself and other people at all times.
  • Social distancing safety officers will be at the market and at each vendor’s booth. Please listen to them, they are here to keep you and your neighbors safe!
  • Want to help keep our market operating safely? Volunteer to be a Social Distancing Officer by contacting

Follow these safety and sanitation guidelines while shopping:

  • UPDATE: Face masks are required for all shoppers age 5 and over while inside the farmers market per government mandate. If you have a health issue that prevents you from wearing a mask, please wear a face shield. We are required by law to deny entry to shoppers without a face mask or shield. We will provide a limited supply of single-use face masks for shoppers who forget theirs, but please remember to bring your own as these are in short supply and subject to run out. We can also accommodate those with medical conditions that prevent mask wear by sending our volunteers into the market on your behalf to shop for you.
  • The market is functioning like a grocery store at this time, not a social event. Say or wave “hello” to your neighbors and friends and move on.  You can look at our Fresh Sheet and vendor map each week on our website in order to make a grocery list and shopping plan ahead of time. This will help you shop quickly and efficiently and avoid lingering. After you have finished shopping please leave the market to make room for others.
  • Customers will not handle produce and food items prior to purchase. The vendor will gather items you point to and select for purchase.
  • Wash/Sanitize your hands before coming to the market.
  • Use the hand washing stations and sanitizing options we provide at the market.
  • Wash any reusable bags in your washing machine with warm water before bringing them to market.
  • Our vendors will not touch reusable bags from customers
  • No jars, growlers will be used for refills
  • Do not consume food on site.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. If you do, please sanitize or wash hands before touching anything.
  • Follow guidelines provided by Center for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority.
  • Don’t bring dogs to the market.
  • Offer to shop for a neighbor who can’t make it to the market
  • Consider ordering and paying ahead of time to speed up transactions through the online ordering system WhatsGood App. Once your order is placed on line with one or more vendors and paid for, you can then pick up your order from the vendor(s) at the market.
  • SNAP tokens and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) SNAP match will be processed at the Market Managers Booth to be used at Vendors’ booths.
  • WIC/Senior FDNP Vouchers will be taken directly by Vendors who have signed up with Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

Vendor Expectations

Most important rule: neither vendors nor their staff will come to the market if they are ill or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Social distancing:

  • In compliance with government regulations, each vendor booth will have a designated “Social Distancing Safety Officer” who is responsible for ensuring 6-ft social distancing is being followed by customers shopping at their booth. The Officer must (a) know they are the officer and be able to answer affirmatively if questioned, and (b) take responsibility for enforcing the social distancing policies in their own spaces. The Social Distancing Officer may have other duties.  If a vendor is the sole worker present, they do not have to add additional staff to be compliant: you can be a Social Distancing Officer while simultaneously performing other duties in your booth.
  • Vendors will design booth space to promote safe distancing- at least 6 feet- between vendors/products and customers.
  • Vendor booths will be set 10 feet from the next vendor or further distance if the market manager determines it is necessary to control social distancing/overcrowding.

 Product handling:

  • Produce is to be pre-bagged/packaged to the maximum extent possible. No scales to weigh food will be permitted at the market.
  • Eliminate any self-service operations within the booth, customers may not handle products before purchase.
  • No refillable customer-owned items (jars, growlers, etc.)
  • Customers may bring their own bags, but vendors should not touch them.
  • Vendors handling money, tokens or vouchers will not handle food products until they have washed or sanitized their hands. If possible, vendor booths with more than one staff person should designate one person to handle food products and bag purchases, while the other handles money and transactions.
  • Round prices of items to the nearest $1 to cut down on the number of coins and cash changing hands per transaction.

 Sanitization and protective wear:

  • Have your own hand washing or sanitizing station in your booth. We suggest, though do not require, that you also have hand sanitizer available for customers at checkout.
  • High touch areas like tables, screens, cash boxes will be frequently sanitized
  • Use plastic tablecloth or no table cloth on tables for easier wipe-downs
  • Follow guidelines provided by Center for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority
  • Face masks must be worn by all vendors. Protecting public health and your health is of utmost importance.
  • While hand washing is the most effective way to cut down on disease transmission via touch, if you or your staff have a habit of touching your faces frequently, it may be useful to wear disposable gloves that are changed frequently, as a reminder not to touch faces. Wash hands before and after every glove change.

 Prepared food and samples:

  • Samples must be consumed at the vendor’s booth who is providing said sample. We have strict sampling protocols in place for safety, you can reach out to for more information.
  • All prepared food is to be packaged for take-out only, no on premises consumption.
  • No exposed prepared food. “Display only” is fine.
  • No open condiments if prepared food provided
  • No public tables or seating will be provided by vendors

Payments and pre-orders:

  • Encourage pre-orders through the online ordering system WhatsGood App WhatsGood App may be downloaded to phone or may be used on Tablets or Computers. Vendors, you will need to sign up individually and onboard your items for sale for customers to utilize this.
  • Encourage contactless payments or minimize contact through use of WhatsGood App pre-order and prepayment, Square, Venmo, Apple Pay or similar Apps
  • Accept Credit/Debit transactions to maximum extent possible.

We are all in this together: with your help and support we can do our part to keep our community safe and healthy and continue to provide access to fresh, nutritious, local food.

Thank you!