Volunteer with us!

We are always looking for friendly volunteers to help the market run smoothly. Come help for a few hours or the whole market, for one week or every week. We always say “thank you” with fresh market goods donated by vendors. You can contact our volunteer coordinator Gwen Johnston at johnstonsorchard@gmail.com or 541-980-5516 to sign up for a shift!



This position is to aid us in complying with the requirement to maintain Social Distancing of 6 ft or more from each other in the market place for public safety.  This will enable our market to remain open.  According to state requirements:  “That officer must a) know they are the officer and be able to answer affirmatively if questioned, and b) take responsibility for enforcing the social distancing policies in the…common spaces in the market….”

If we have customers forgetting to keep 6 feet apart, the Social Distancing Officer will remind them of the need to do this and would do so in a kind and respectful manner.  Saying something like:  “For the health of everyone and keeping the market open, we would appreciate it if you would keep 6 feet from other customers (or vendors).   Thank you so much for your cooperation.”

Also, people will want to visit with friends and neighbors that they have not seen in awhile, so the SDO will need to politely remind them that they need to move on so that others may come in to the market to shop. 


Since we are required to control the number of people allowed in the market at a time in order to maintain 6 feet social distance apart within the market, we need to have a monitor at the entrance/exit to let people in as people exit based on the capacity determined by the Market Managers.  Also, people near the Monitor that are in line to get in may need to be reminded to maintain the 6 feet social distance required while waiting in line.  Shoppers need to know that one person per household will be let in to shop. 

The monitor will also count customers as they come in with a handheld counter. 


Market Managers need assistance with a variety of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Set up and take down of the market, including tents, tables, signs, wash stations
  • Sanitizing Wash Stations and restrooms and re-supply wash stations periodically throughout the market.
  • Helping to monitor and communicate with customers standing in line to get in, greeting them, letting them know what is happening, what the rules are, etc.
  • Running errands as needed for the Market Managers
  • Helping in the managers booth as needed