The Dalles Farmers Market

Vendor Rules and Regulations

The Dalles Farmers Market’s mission is to educate and promote access to local foods and crafts that enhance the health and happiness of our community.

Our 2024 Market season will again be located at:

The Dalles City Park
5th and Union St
The Dalles, Oregon 97058

The Dalles Farmers Market will occur:

Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
June 1st through October 12th

Market Application

All vendors must be local which defined as being within a 100 mile radius of The Dalles.

Every vendor must submit a completed application form and be approved before participation at The Dalles Farmers Market may occur.  These rules are made a part of the application and by submitting an application, the vendor agrees to abide by these rules.

Vendor Selection

Vendor participation at The Dalles Farmers Market 2024 season will occur after approval by The Market Manager. Vendor selection by the Market Manager will be based on product variety and quality, conduct, locality, and space availability. The Market Manager has the authority to decide on new vendors during the market season. TDFM will not permit candidates for office, PACS, special interest groups, petition gatherers and similar groups or persons to have a space within the market area.  Nonprofits that are permitted by the Manager must serve the greater community interest.  Nonprofits may come one time per season unless they are selling goods deemed by the Market Manager to bring value to the market.

As our focus continues to be on local farmers and produce, we have limited the number of craft sites available at the market; 4 craft vendors for every 6 farmers/agricultural product vendors.

TDFM may accept or refuse anyone as a market vendor.

TDFM encourages all produce vendors to enroll and participate in The Farm Direct Nutrition Program (FDNP), which help support seniors and those in need of assistance. Only vendors that are signed up to accept FDNP can accept these vouchers. To sign up with the FDNP program, call The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) at 877-807-0889, Option 2. 

Click this Link: Resources for Farmers & Markets

Market Fees

Annual Market Membership Fee – $40

There is an annual fee of $40, due upon approval of the application or no later than the first date of vending at the Market.  This fee helps to enable TDFM to have the funds necessary to pay for the use of The Dalles City Park, advertisement/marketing, staffing, and market necessities. If an application is denied, dues will be refunded. Non-profits and children 12 and under are exempt from this fee unless the Nonprofit is selling items, in which case the membership fee would be due when vending the second time at the market.

At the discretion of the Market Manager, the Membership fee for first-time farmers may be waived until the 3rd time vending at the market.

Vendor Fee – $25 per market/per booth space

Every vendor is required to pay a weekly fee of $25 per booth space at the end of every market attended.  A zippered bag and vendor sales sheet will be delivered toward the beginning of every market and vendors must return the bag and completed vendor sales sheet including total sales with the appropriate fee to the Manager at the end of every market.  All tokens, coupons/certificates, and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) must go in the bag and the vendor will be reimbursed by check. TDFM uses the information gathered to determine market growth, apply for grants, and attract new vendors. Non-Profit vendors are exempt from this fee unless the non-profit vendor is selling, at which time the same booth fee will be applicable, after the first time at the market each season.


  • Electricity-$5 per market, and based on availability
  • Leg weights if vendor does not have them -$5 per leg and based on availability


Market Regulations


No food or produce items bought from wholesale distributors or third parties will be sold at TDFM.  Vendors may only sell produce bought from a second party if the produce was grown by the second party and the second party is also local. Vendors must have visible signage indicating where second party produce was grown and purchased. If a vendor does not fall under the Farm Direct Marketing or Home Baking Rules below, then please review the licensing requirements at this link:

About Food Safety

All food items MUST be appropriately labeled and sold according to Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) guidelines, available at the following websites:

Farm Direct Marketing Agricultural Products


Oregon’s Farm Direct Marketing Law:

Producer Processed Value Added Products

Farm Direct Marketing:  Selling Eggs

Oregon’s Home Baking Bill


All craft and artisanal products must be made by the vendor with local materials to the maximum extent possible.  TDFM will assess products prior to acceptance.

Hemp/CBD Products

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) requires registration of all industrial hemp growers and handlers.  TDFM requires those registrations to be verified before the products can be sold at the market.  TDFM will accept hemp/cbd products only derived from registered growers in Oregon. TDFM welcomes non-edible legal hemp/cbd products.  All products must be labeled and include information on all ingredients including testing results for pesticides, solvents and potency.

Currency Guidelines and Reporting

TDFM utilizes different varieties of currency, tokens, and coupons/certificates to enable consumers to buy vendors’ products.  This is also consistent with our mission of increasing food accessibility.  At the Market Managers’ booth, we accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, and SNAP/EBT Cards for Tokens.  Please read the attached Currency Guide for details about how to accept each token, Double Up Food Bucks, or FDNP voucher.  Please remember:

  • Turn in your tokens, Double Up Food Bucks, and promotional coupons/certificates every week you are vending at the Market Managers’ Booth in your bag.  You will be reimbursed by check.  FDNP vouchers are not to be turned in, but processed online per Oregon Health Authority instructions.

  • You will not be reimbursed for tokens, Double Up Food Bucks, or coupons/certificates that you are not eligible to accept.

  • Never give tokens or DUFBs back to a customer as change.

  • When no change is allowed for a token, DUFB, voucher, or coupon/certificate, please work with shoppers to ensure they receive their full value.  Customers can supplement tokens, DUFB, vouchers, and coupons/certificates with cash.

  • All vendors must track and report weekly total gross sales for our records along with total sales by categories of token, DUFB or coupon/certificate shown on your sales sheet provided in your market vendor bag.

  • It is also mandatory that all vendors accept cash.  If a customer runs out of cash, you can direct them to the Market Managers’ booth to purchase $5 tokens with their debit or credit card that they can then use like cash.

  • Vendors are not required to accept checks, or debit/credit cards.  Customers can use them at the Market Managers’ Booth to obtain $5 tokens.

  • Be prepared for your cash sales by bringing sufficient change for the market day.  

Non-Profit Activities

Oregon Department of Agriculture allows non-profit organizations to make and sell items such as jams, breads, cookies, candies, etc. to raise funds for non-profit organizations. Signage indicating food items were not made in a certified kitchen is mandatory. Ingredient labeling is not required for non-profits, but highly recommended to inform our shoppers with dietary restrictions.  Nonprofits must be present at the market at 8:00 a.m. No late setup, setup must be completed by 9:00 a.m.

Insurance and Licenses

Liability insurance is required for all vendors by Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation District and requires each vendor to add Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation District as an additional insured to each vendor’s private insurance.  In addition, vendors must add The Dalles Farmers Market as additional insured to their insurance and show proof of both to Market Manager.  Vendors are responsible for all damages and injuries acquired at or by their booths, produce, products or other reason. All vendors must have at their booth, if appropriate, food handlers cards, proof of commercial kitchen, organic certificate, restaurant permit, and all other permits, licenses, certificates, etc. as required by law, see ODA Food Safety.


Vendors will take all questions, concerns, and grievances to the Market Manager who will manage the issue and notify the board when this occurs. The Market Manager can be reached at The Dalles Farmers Market at the Market Managers’ booth, by phone at 541-965-3658 or online at

Booths – MUST be 12 feet by 12 feet (12’ x 12’) or smaller.

Northern Wasco County Parks and Recreation District requires canopies to be no larger than 12 x 12 feet.  All canopies, tents, or overhanging structures must have each leg weighted with AT LEAST 25 lbs to prevent them from blowing over. Stakes are NOT allowed. Vendors will be responsible for supplying, storing, and hauling their tables, weights, and tent. If a tent is not properly weighted, the vendor will be asked to weigh each leg properly or take their tent down.  Vendors can rent appropriate weights from TDFM at $5 per leg.  Weights are based on availability.  Vendors should not count on using TDFM weights.


Access to electricity is not guaranteed and is provided at TDFM’s discretion. Vendors approved to use electrical power are responsible for providing their own outdoor extension cords and mats or other means to cover all portions of the cord to prevent tripping or other hazards. The fee for electricity if approved for use is $5/market.

Use of generators is not permitted during market hours unless pre-approved by market manager.

Fire Extinguishers

Anyone using a grill, propane or electricity, must have one 2A10BC-rated, portable fire extinguisher in their booth.


Signs help to promote your business and contribute to your success and the success of the market.  Please be prepared for the wind.  Unsecured signs will have to be taken down.  The following are sign guidelines:

  • Vendors must have a clearly visible sign (1 foot by 1 foot minimum) indicating the name of the farm/vendor and the city or town of the farm/business that must be clearly visible from the sidewalk/walkway.

  • Products for sale should be labeled with name of product and priced either individually or by a price sign for groups of the same items, or one sign listing of all products and prices.

  • Signs indicating your participation with government programs including FDNP (WIC/SFDNP), must be prominently displayed.

  • Farmers, Value Added Producers, and other vendors selling produce or other grocery items should display currency signs (provided by The Dalles Farmers Market) where customers can see them.

  • ·Vendors are encouraged to have any signage in both English and Spanish.


The Dalles Farmers Market Extreme Weather Policy

The Dalles Farmers Market is open for business with vendors of both farmer and crafter nature from 9 am – 1 pm Saturdays at the City Park from the first Saturday in June to the second Saturday in October. All advertisement indicates this time period. Should there be a change to the regularly scheduled operation, several means of notification must take place.

1) All means of social media must indicate the change.

2) A sign at both Union St. entrances to the park must be put in place.

3) Notification thru the newspaper and or radio station should occur.

Heat Protocol

A heat wave index in the danger zone, which is 103 – 124 degrees Fahrenheit or higher can result in the Manager excusing all vendors from the market at an earlier time than 1pm. The sign indicating the market was closed early due to inclement weather will be put in place for customers to note the change. Sign will then be removed at 1 p.m.

For those vendors, volunteers, managers and board members that are not able to attend a previously scheduled market they must contact the Manager by telephone to indicate they are not able to attend.

For those vendors, volunteers, managers and board members in attendance, they must all leave the market early should the Manager make that decision for the day to discontinue the market for the safety of all involved.

Any vendor, volunteer, manager or board members in attendance may be excused early if exhibiting signs of heat related illness.

If the heat index is projected to be in the danger zone on Thursday afternoon, during the Saturday Market, then the managers may change the hours of the market or cancel the market if necessary. Notice will immediately be given via social media and radio or newspaper.

Smoke Protocol

A smoke quality index of very unhealthy, which is 201-300 or hazardous index which is 301-500 can result in The Dalles Farmers Market being canceled. This decision will be made by the Managers based upon smoke levels that are occurring during the week. If there is no change in sight for days, the Managers will notify all vendors of a canceled market, also the signage will appear at the park the day of the market, as well as all social media platforms indicating the change and a radio announcement.


Should the wind for a market day be excessive, which would be sustained 20mph with gusts 30-50 mph the Manager may ask that no tents be put up for the day. This is a safety issue for both vendors and customers.

Single-Use Bag Ban

OR HB 2509 went into effect January 1, 2020 and stipulates that vendors cannot provide a single-use paper or plastic bag at the time of checkout (i.e. when you are taking money for a customer’s purchases). Exceptions are outlined below. Vendors can:

  • Continue to provide self-serve, handle-less paper or plastic produce bags for customers while shopping at a time other than checkout, in order to package bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains etc.

  • Continue to provide paper or plastic bags at a time other than checkout to contain or wrap frozen food, meat, fish, flowers, a potted plant or another item for the purpose of addressing dampness or sanitation.

  • Continue to provide paper or plastic bags at a time other than checkout to contain unwrapped prepared foods or bakery goods.

  • Provide any of the following reusable bags, at a time of checkout, for a minimum $0.05 per bag charge (a) A 4 mil thick plastic bag (technically considered a reusable bag)
    (b) A recycled paper bag (at least 40% post-consumer recycled fiber) or
    (c) A reusable fabric checkout bag, made out of cloth or other machine-washable fabric

  • Vendors may provide recycled paper checkout bags or reusable plastic checkout bags for free:

    • To customers using a WIC Voucher

    • To customers using an electronic benefits transfer card (EBT) issued by DHS (such as Oregon Trail/SNAP EBT card) and by extension, SNAP (Oregon Trail) tokens, Market Match Tokens, and Double Up Food Bucks.

  • Prepared food vendors such as food trucks may provide recycled paper bags at no cost to customers.

Set Up

Vendors may begin setting up their booths 2 hours before the market opens and all vendors must be completely set up by market opening. Vendors must be at their booth location 30 minutes before market opening; those who show up later may lose their space to accommodate market flow. If running late, call the Market Manager by phone at 541-965-3658 to hold space. Vendors must park in the parking lot across the street. Parking on Union Street. is reserved for customers. Parking on the east end of W. 6th St. is prohibited by the City. This area is for loading and unloading only.  Vendors not following parking rules will be considered to be in violation of these rules.

Vendor setback is 3 feet from the sidewalk for walkway accessibility

During Market

Vendors should provide a pleasant, safe, family friendly atmosphere during market hours. All items sold at TDFM should be of good quality. All vendors will follow regulations and rules set by NWCPRD and TDFM. Vendors will take all questions, concerns, and grievances to the Market Manager who will appropriately manage the issue. Market Manager has authority to remove vendor(s) or product(s) from the market.

Publicity/Photo Release

Vendors are expected to contribute to The Dalles Farmers Market’s efforts to publicize the market.  Unless otherwise noted, vendors agree to allow TDFM or authorized individuals to take and publish photos containing their booth, anyone working the booth, and any products the vendor is selling.

Food Sampling

Vendors are encouraged to promote their products through sampling.  No license or permit is required to give out small samples (less than 3 ounces for food and non-alcoholic beverages), however, proper food safety practices must be followed when sampling food products to the public, including having a suitable hand washing station for the vendor in the booth where the sampling is taking place.  It is not for customers. 

All vendors sampling at TDFM will follow all safe sampling guidelines recommended by OFMA or required by any other agency.  Specific rules and regulations are on page 4:

In addition, TDFM will require:

·  Sampling vendors will have a secured wastebasket for customers to dispose of any sampling waste.  This waste basket is in addition to the wastebasket as part of the required wash station.

·  All vendors offering alcohol tastings must comply with OLCC, OHA AND ODA requirements.

·  All sampling vendors understand that sampling protocols may change at any time in accordance with ODA, OFMA OR TDFM guidelines.

Packaging and Serve Ware Materials

 In order to minimize our impact to the environment, vendors should use eco-friendly packaging and serve ware made from compostable or recyclable materials to the maximum extent possible.  Use of plastics is highly discouraged and use of Styrofoam is prohibited.  Examples of compostable packaging and serve ware here:

Health & Safety

Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with a sick person.

The Dalles Farmers Market (TDFM) will follow guidance from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to determine safe practices at market.

TDFM reserves the right to make adjustments to these rules throughout the year in order to respond to changing circumstances, government rules and to protect the public health.  TDFM will communicate any changes to vendors via email.  Continuing to attend the market after any such rules changes constitutes vendor acknowledgement and agreement to comply.

TDFM has adopted policies regarding market operations in extreme weather conditions, including heat, smoke and wind.  TDFM Market Manager may change hours of the market or cancel the Market as needed for the safety of all.  Vendors, please review these policies.

Sold Out

Vendors who sell out of goods are not allowed to breakdown their booths until the end of the market. If you sell out, you may post a “Sold Out” sign on your table and enjoy the rest of the market and are encouraged to be available to answer customer questions or take customer orders.  Vendors who have sold out must notify the Market Manager.

Break Down

Vendors may begin taking down their booths only after market closes. In case of medical emergencies contact the Market Manager.  Vendors may take their tent down in the event of extreme wind for safety reasons. 


Vendors must remove all debris from booth area and must dispose of excess cooler water off site. A fine up to $20.00 may be assessed for noncompliance. In addition, hot food vendors are required to provide at least one lined trash can (30 gallon minimum) for customers use at their booth.  Contents of the trash can must be removed at the end of the market. 

Animal Policy

No pets are allowed in the vending area including vendor booths.  Service animals only are permitted in vending area during the farmers market.


Vendors are expected to attend on the dates they indicated on their vendor application.  If a vendor must change their schedule, they must notify the Market Manager at least 24 hours in advance by email.  Vendors must notify Market Manager for unexpected/emergency absences to retain space at the market.  IF THE EMERGENCY OCCURS LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE MARKET OPENING, VENDOR MUST CALL, (NOT TEXT), THE MARKET MANAGER.  Vendors failing to notify the Market Manager of schedule changes or emergency absences will lose their preferred space at the market and will be subject to violation notice and fee process. 

Hold Harmless Clause

All vendors participating in TDFM shall be individually and severally liable for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and /or any other damages which may occur as a result of the vendor, their employee, agent, or associates’ negligence. All vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless TDFM and market board, staff and volunteers from any loss, costs, damages, or other expense including attorney’s fees, suffered or incurred by participation at TDFM by reason of vendor negligence or intentional misconduct or that of its employees, agents, and associates. No insurance is provided by TDFM.

The Dalles Farmers Market, Inc. Assurance of Nondiscrimination

TDFM prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, creed, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, political beliefs, or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program. TDFM is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone.

Northern Wasco County Park & Recreation District: Rules and Regulations 

  • No person shall cut, remove, or damage any flowers, trees, or shrubs without prior obtained permission from the Executive Director.

  • No person shall build any fire within any facilities except in a stove or fireplace provided therefore solely with the use of manufactured fuel.  

  • No person shall permit any dog to run at large within any facility, and all dogs within the facilities shall be kept in control on leash at all times. Owners and possessor of dogs within the facilities shall immediately remove feces deposited by dog under their control.

  • No motor vehicles or motor bikes shall be operated, stopped, parked, or left standing any place in a facility except on roads and parking areas provided therefore without a permit previously obtained from the Executive Director visibly displayed in the windshield of said vehicle.

  • Speed limit 15 miles per hour within roadway located within the facilities.

  • No person shall ride or drive any horse or non-domestic animal or permit any horse or non-domestic animal to go upon any portion of any public park except on the roads and regularly provided parking areas in said facilities.

  • Parking, entering or remaining in facilities, with the exception of the Ted Walker Memorial swimming pool parking lot, in the night time, ½ hour after sunset, is prohibited and all persons shall be excluded from said facilities between 12:00 A.M. and ½ hour before sunrise or 6:00 A.M., whichever occurs first, except as may be permitted by order of the Executive Director. 

  • No person shall mutilate, deface, injure, damage, or molest any building installation, personal property, or piece of equipment in any facility.

  • No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed, or consumed in the facilities except as specifically approved by the Board of Directors which shall be solely approved in limited circumstances subject to the Board’s absolute discretion.

  • No person shall engage in the sale or distribution of any merchandise or service or operate any concession within any facility without a permit previously obtained from the Executive Director.

  • No person shall dump or dispose of any trash or garbage in any facility, except in receptacles provided therefore and generated through the use of the facility.

  • No person shall scatter or dispose of any bottles, broken glass, waste, or discarded paper or litter or waste material of any kind in any facility, except in receptacles provided therefore.

  • No person shall conduct himself or herself in a disorderly manner in any facility.

  • No person or persons shall operate or play any amplified musical instrument or any equipment manufactured primarily for the purpose of amplified sound, or any amplifying microphone in any public park without a permit issued by the Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District, applied for at least 5 working days in advance of the proposed use. The issuance of a permit shall not be construed to give the holder the right to create a public nuisance by the use or operation of the instrument, equipment, or microphone.

  • No person shall possess a firearm as defined by ORS 166.210 (2) or weapon as set forth in ORS 166.275 in a district facility without a permit issued by the Executive Director.

  • No person shall provide food or beverage for sale or distribution to the general public without first obtaining a permit from the Executive Director.

  • No person shall provide food or beverage for sale or distribution to the general public without first obtaining a permit from the Executive Director.

  • Persons are prohibited from using tobacco products in district facilities, including parking lot areas, at all times.

  • Section 3. Any person who violates any of the foregoing rules and regulations shall, upon conviction thereof in the recorder’s court, be punished by a fine of not more than $250.00 per ORS 198.600, or by imprisonment for not more than 5 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Compliance and Enforcement of Market Rules

Vendors share responsibility for keeping TDFM viable and ensuring public safety.  By following the rules as stated in previous sections and as supplemented, vendors will remain in good standing and help create a safe, fun and profitable market environment.  Violation of the rules will put the vendor out of compliance and result in a range of consequences. 

If a vendor does not abide by the rules of TDFM, Market Management may take any action deemed appropriate, including verbal or written warnings, assessing fines, suspension or barring the vendor from selling at the market for one or more markets.  Market management also may require a vendor remove products from the market that were not approved or do not meet the rules for vending.

Customers are essential to the success of the market.  Customer complaints may put a vendor out of compliance.  Such complaints or problems should be directed to the Market Management the week of their occurrence.  Complaints will be investigated by Market Management who will contact the business owner to address any potential noncompliance and any corresponding consequences/disciplinary action if found to be warranted.

Upon notification by Market Management, the vendor must correct the item of non-compliance(s) immediately or by the following week, whichever TDFM determines to be appropriate. 

Violations and Consequences:

1st Violation                            Verbal Warning and immediate correction

2nd Violation                           Written warning and immediate correction

3rd Violation                            $35 fine, and suspension until meeting with TDFM Management and a corrective plan of action is provided to and approved by Market Management.

4th Violation                            Suspension and other consequences as determined appropriate by Market Management, or termination.

If a vendor is suspended, terminated or expelled, they will forfeit all fees they have paid.

All rules of the market are enforced by the Market Manager or their designee, who has the on-site authority.  TDFM reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules and enforcement of policies at its discretion.

Dispute Between a Vendor and Market Management/Appeal of Decision

Disputes between a vendor and manager(s) may be brought to the attention of the TDFM Board.

The Vendor may submit a written complaint to the Board and may attend the monthly meetings to discuss the complaint with the Board.  Complaints shall be addressed to:  TDFM Board President, P.O. Box 105, The Dalles, OR 97058.  All disputes and their resolutions shall be made at the next monthly meeting of the Market Board.  Decisions of the board shall be put in writing to the vendor.